Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dinner Diaries

I finally finished a book! Oh yes I did. It's been a while since I read a book fiction or not from start to finish, but I did it. And I enjoyed it. And I want to tell you about it because it really was a good read. It's non fiction, but it read like fiction and I found myself constantly wanting to read it to find out what happened next.

The Dinner Diaries by Betsy Block was an entertaining read about a mom trying to get her family to eat healthfully. I think we can all identify with that. While I'm inspired, I know that there are things that I will not be able to do that she managed to accomplish. One of those things is eating locally to reduce our carbon footprint. As much as I'd like to eat things that were grown or raised locally, I live in Northern least 3 hours from the closest farm of any sort. Scratch that. And my family flat out refuses to eat any type of fish or seafood, so scratch that too.

But still a fun read and a great example of how patience and persistence really can facilitate change. I have hope, both for my kids and myself.

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  1. yeah! i do well to finish a long magazine article!!! i might have to see about reading this book.