Monday, November 5, 2007

Another successful Weigh In

Good morning and here's to losing 1.1 lbs! Really thought I wasn't gonna lose much if anything since I weighed myself yesterday and was not down. Not to mention my last two crazy high losses and eating ham for supper last night. I guess I'm doing something right. I love watching the scale go down. 210.8! I know that's still a high number. I know that I'm still 'obese'. But, its been years since I've seen a number that low and I'm almost out of the teens. 10.8 lbs to go until I'm not obese and 10.9 lbs until I hit Onederland! Hopefully to stay there for the rest of my life!!! That'll take a major mindset change, but that's another topic for another time.

I'm so proud of myself. I made a bunch of low point muffins yesterday. The baking muffins thing isn't unusual, but I even took my favorite muffin recipe in the whole entire world, carrot muffins, and shaved a point off them. They're delicious and that's why I'm proud!!! Still so very moist and tasty. There's 1 tsp of canola oil per muffin, which makes me hesitant to lower the points more. Getting that tsp of oil is important too and makes it easy to get it when its built into the muffin. I only made one batch of the carrot muffins in case they weren't very good with the changes. I think I'll be making more and as my daily point allowance goes down, I may take a look at lowering the oil content more. Or adding some bran, that could work too.

Beautiful morning outside. A light blanket of snow on the ground (I love the beginning of winter) and a blue sky with pink tinges. Ah, there's beauty in the north. Some days I just love my life.

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