Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas is sneaking up...

Gack! Do you know that it's November 22nd today? Almost 23rd in fact. That means about a month 'til Christmas. I'm feeling a little stressed, though not sure why as I most of my shopping done. A few gifts left to make though. Wrapping. Wrapping always takes so long. Huh. Well, I'm tired and have nothing really of value to say, so I'll check out. I have a few more things I want to finish up before I head to bed.

Good night.

1 comment:

  1. 31 days, 15hrs, 3 mins and 1 sec to be exact (at that time I'm writing this-not that I'm counting) I wish I lived near by- I'd wrap ALL your christmas presents for you....I lalalala LOVE christmas, and lalalala love wrapping etc etc... don't panic there still is lots of time- everything works out in the end and you'll have fun doing it!!

    Take Care!!