Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Neverending Question...

Kids are in bed, well the youngest 2 are and I expect I have about an hour - hour and a half to myself as my oldest is in Kindergarten. I'm tired! Why am I tired? Well, I suppose going to bed at 1:30 am may be a contributing factor. Lack of veggies also a likely possibility.

So, here comes the question that I've already asked on this blog and will likely continue to ask as I keep repeating my bad habits. Do I sleep or do I exercise? I want to sleep. Oh, just to lie down on that comfy (though ugly) couch that is not even 3 meters away from me, I may feel refreshed when I wake up. But, my head tells me that exercise is also something that could pick me up. Besides...I'm noticing my complexion improving from the added sweat or something. And, then I'd have a few AP's to play with tonight when I decide that I NEED to eat something. And, less than 2 weeks till we go away...should really get in what I can...make those hips shrink!

Okay, it's decided, off to the treadmill I go. Hope there's something good on TV to keep my mind occupied.

Oh, by the way, I'm covered in Bob the Builder I not the coolest mom ever???


  1. I'd say coolest mom ever too!!

    I like how your wrote about that inner dilema of what to do what to do... ever night I've been doing the same thing and its tough!!

    GOod for you going to the T-mill...