Sunday, December 2, 2007

I want to slant my eyebrows...

My oldest son, you know, the one who can spell now? Well, he's an original. He's always been a little different from his contemporaries and so far, he's okay with that. He either doesn't know or doesn't care that he's different. He's such a great kid...I love him!

Anyways, yesterday at supper, he was angry with his father and I for something. I don't remember what anymore. So, to express his utter anger at us he said...and I quote, "I want to slant my eyebrows at you guys! Right so they're in between my eyes!" We couldn't help it, we laughed and laughed. So funny.

We went for our flu shots last month. He HATES needles. HATES them. He was so upset about having to go, but he did and he really was quite brave. As a reward, the nurses were giving away little stuffed frogs to all the children. When he was offered his (just before his shot), he went off on a big explanation about frogs and all sorts of facts about them...I guess when he's nervous he talks science.

One of the things I noticed early on is that when he watches TV, he doesn't get all involved like the average child. For example, the show Dora the Explorer asks a lot of questions to children. When he was 3, I knew he knew the answers, so I asked him why he wasn't answering. His response? "Mom, they can't hear me on the TV."

He also refuses to do the Chicken Dance at school. For Halloween, the parents were invited to come for the day and see what the kids do. One of the warm-ups they do is the Chicken Dance. My son just stood there...the entire song. Every other child was having a grand old time...not my boy. He was intently watching, but do you think he was going to join in? Luckily, he's got a very understanding teacher. "That's just Willem," she said. "We're used to it."

Oh ya, one more thing. We had a mini meltdown yesterday over how to spell the word diamond. He just didn't get it...those letters DON'T MAKE SENSE! Well, he was still at us this morning at breakfast. Even after we showed him the kid's dictionary with a picture in it, he just can't accept it. I've been careful to tell him that the English lanuage has LOTS of exceptions. A kid who is so commited to rules can have a real problem with spelling. Our first bump of I'm sure many. I'm sure he'll have accepted the spelling by the time he has to buy one.

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