Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another day

So, I had a nice long entry written yesterday. It was spell checked, grammar checked and I was trying to download a couple pictures. But then, some other people in the house wanted the computer and I let them, thinking I'd post it later after I'd gotten the pictures in. Then one of these people that wanted the computer decided to do some updates and then restarted the computer. And for some reason, I lost my entire entry. It's gone. So, that's that I guess. Perhaps I wasn't supposed to talk about all that stuff. A quick summary though:

1. I'm stressed and had a controlled emotional eating session with 300 cals of chocolate. Yum. Controlled is the operative word here

2. All 3 kids are adding stress to my is vomiting/diarrhea, middle one is potty training with moderate success (he started it, so we gotta do it), and oldest one has decided that school is boring, but refuses to show the teacher what he knows.

3. I am enjoying my running program and did my 2nd installment yesterday. Feels really good.

So, now today is a new day and baby kept all her food down yesterday. She seems better, but then, she did on Monday too, so will continue to keep a close eye on her. Middle one woke up wet this morning, but did manage to pee in the potty after breakfast (what would I do w/o Smarties???). Oldest is at the dentist this morning with my hubby, much to his dismay. Any advice on how to motivate and un-motivatable person would be greatly appreciated.

I have a dentist appt. for a cleaning and check up this afternoon and I'm not particularly looking forward to it. I will get a lecture, I'm sure, on my poor tooth hygiene. I drink too much coffee and diet cola (though my candy consumption has gone WAY down), I don't floss enough, and once in a while when I'm at home with the kids all day I may not get my teeth brushed. Sure, go ahead and judge me, but when you wake up to kids who need you now and then don't get upstairs for the rest of the day unless you're putting someone down for a nap or quickly throwing clothes on, it's easy to do. Besides, I currently only have 1 tiny cavity that I got when I was 17. Hope that doesn't change today.

So, that's my story. Not much else to say.


  1. I'de never judge you!!! I couldn't imagine having the strenght and patience to do waht you do!! (married-nokids me over here)
    Controlled is AWESOME....i've had some uncontrolled ones lately and its not good- you rock!
    Have a good day

  2. Hi, I just popped over here from Tara's View of the World, and wanted to say-- you look fantastic! What an inspiration. I actually went and put my spice drops away because you inspired me. So, thanks for putting yourself out there like that and BRAVO to your hard work!