Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not quite so cranky...

Okay, so I'm feeling a little better this evening. Of course. I rarely stay in a bad mood for too long. But, my kids and food has been on my mind all day. I have been reading books off and on for a while as well as Internet research etc. But I suppose I have to get myself put together first. When I called myself an ex-obese person...I'm barely ex-obese. Like, not even 3 full months. So, I still kinda feel that way. It will take some time to adjust. And my love affair with food hasn't ended. It's just evolving. I'm gaining control, but it's a process. A learning curve. And my kids are unfortunate guinea pigs. But...we're getting there. And Willem is so open to learning about nutrition, that we can learn together. Though I don't want him to become self conscious about himself.

So, this will be my approach for next year. Now that I know just how much candy can come into the house that I didn't buy, I will account for that next year. So, we will buy even less. I will never buy the cheap chocolate eggs again because those are just filler. We'll continue to buy small, hollow bunnies and just a couple other small treats besides the jelly beans that get hidden. I'm learning. We'll get this yet!


  1. Holy crap... you look fantastic!

    Thanks so much for the great link! ;)

  2. you've got it babe!!!

    and yes, i agree with amuldoon, you look fantastic!


  3. Gotta love the pic of Cranky...