Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finleigh's Eyes.

Happy Earth Day! I just noticed that it's Earth Day today. And here I am with the furnace blasting to keep from freezing. School's are closed today. In all my years living here, I've never seen a snow day. Guess there's a first for everything. Public buses aren't running either. Happy Earth Day, nonetheless.

So, we just got back from the Opthamologist's office. Much to my relief, Finn's not going to need glasses right now. Or eye patches. We'll go back in 3 months to see how things are. But for now, we'll just watch her. Both Finny's eyes drift outward. I thought it was just her right eye, but I guess it's both. Which is good because that means that her vision is the same in both eyes. And since her eyes drift outward and not inward...she doesn't need glasses. And since she corrects her eyes pretty quickly, she doesn't need patches just now. Yay!

That appointment was definitely worth braving the snow.


  1. YAY great news!!

    my DD had (has) the same thing. The doctors also said to see if she grew out of it. When she needed glasses (at age 10) they also sent us to a vision clinic to give us exercises for her eyes to strengthen the muscles..They rarely wander now and only when she is tired!!
    I'm sending those eye vibes Fin's way!