Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chocolate tea...the verdict

As you may know, I discovered the idea of chocolate tea a little while ago. A heavy hint and email with a link to the website produced the perfect Mother's Day gift from my extremely thoughtful and kind husband.

I didn't have any kind of tool for loose tea, so he also bought me a teapot with a diffuser. It's a little 18 oz teapot that is perfect for making a big mug for me or 2 really reasonable sized cups for me and a friend. I was so excited.

I'm not a huge tea drinker. Chances are, I'll chose coffee if I have a choice. For example, I have never ordered tea from Starbucks. Even though I enjoy a good chai tea, the coffee calls to me every time. I typically drink black tea when I'm visiting someone to be polite, when it's the only thing being served. I enjoy a good fruity herbal tea, but get tired of it quick. I've found 1 green tea that I want to drink. So no, I'm not a tea connoisseur. But I do know a thing or two about chocolate.

So, I wanted to tell you all what I thought about these lovely teas from the Mighty Leaf Tea Company. Here are my thoughts, unsolicited, unsponsored and completely my own.

Because I didn't know what I wanted, Brian bought me the Chocolate Truffle Tea Collection, which is a collection of 6 chocolate infused, loose leaf teas. If you're looking for a replacement for hot chocolate, you won't find it here...of course. That would be asking too much. However, it's a pretty good second and you won't have that heavy feeling in your stomach that drinking too much hot chocolate leaves me with. The collection comes with 3 black teas and 3 herbal teas, which is nice because you have the choice between caffeine or no caffeine.

I liked them all, but if you just want to buy one kind, I have two favorites...both caffeine free. The most chocolatiest tea is the Mayan Chocolate Truffle. It's as close to hot chocolate as tea's gonna get. My other favorite just made me feel spoiled. I felt like I was in a high end tea shop or something like that when drinking it. That one is the Masala Chocolate Truffle. But like I said...I WILL drink them all.

Oh, and for my American friends, you can find the American site here.


  1. sounds yummy to me too. oh and have you tried chocolate coffee?

  2. Mmm! I've bookmarked this site as I love tea (don't like coffee) and this would also make some great gifts.