Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My little Nate is nearly 3 years old.

I know this, not because the calendar tells me I have 6 days until his birthday

I know this, not because he's completely out grown all his size 2 clothing and is comfortably in most of his brother's size 3x hand me downs.

No, I know this because of a conversation I had with him this morning while I was doing my hair.

"Natey, please don't play up there."

"But why?" He asks as he gets down off the toilet from where he can reach into the medicine cabinet.

"Because you could fall and hurt yourself." I answered, proud of my concise and clear answer, seeing as I'd been caught completely off guard by Nate questioning my directions.

"But why?" He mumbles as he walks away.

Good bye terrific twos. I will miss you.


  1. he he he...that is too funny. the 3s should be known as thinking threes, while the questions are challenging sometimes, i find the testing and arguing that comes with four even more challenging. ugh!

    happy early birthday little guy!

  2. terrific twos? terrific? really? I am really hoping to experience those with Olivia.

  3. hehehheh

    i remember that!!!

    Happy Birthday to the handsome young man!

  4. Hmmm... good to know what's in store for us!! :o) And I thought they were the "terrible" twos... lovely!

    I wish our boys could get together to play sometime...I think they'd have a blast (or at least we would!).