Monday, June 30, 2008

And Summer Begins

Another Monday and it's been delightfully relaxed for me. Brian let me sleep in this morning and I slept soundly until about 10:30am. Nice. Then, I got up and had a shower and was lazy for a little while. And to top that off, Brian offered to get up an hour early from his sleep (cuz he has to work nights tonight) so that I wouldn't' have to drag all 3 children down to Will's swimming lessons. What a sweetie. He went to bed an hour early, but still.

My WI this morning saw me up a pound again and I decided for sure. I'm going maintenance for the summer. Would you like to hear my reasoning?

First, I'm tired of focusing on weight loss. Sick and if I can maybe focus on maintaining, maybe I'll recharge a little bit. An extra 4 points a day, while not a huge something that will take a little bit of pressure off...I hope.

Second, I think something that helped in my success so far is making attainable and realistic goals for myself. Almost every time I set a weight goal for myself, I'd always give myself a couple pounds wiggle room. I usually hit my goal a week early, so it was attainable and I always felt so good about it. This past goal I set, I didn't leave myself wiggle room. I set it for 165 instead of 168, which I would have before. Last week I was at 169.8...which means I would have had to lose 1.8 lbs in a week instead of 4.8. I do think if I'd have been closer to my goal, I would have pushed myself a little better this week. Instead, I kinda gave up. It's all a head game for me now. So, all that to say...I'm having a hard time keeping up with the weight loss right now, but I do think I can maintain and I want to be successful at what I decide to to.

Third, this isn't a race. It feels like it sometimes and of course I'd rather be finished this weight loss thing...but at the end of the day, it's not a race. Do you ever find if you allow yourself the option of slowing down, you find the energy to keep going? I find that with my running. Sometimes when I just don't think I can go anymore I tell myself to go for 1 more minute and then I can stop running and walk for a while. After that minute, as often as not, I'm able to run longer instead of walking. But sometimes, I really need to walk. And right now, I think maintenance is like walking. I need to walk for awhile people...I'm tired of running. I'm not ready to get off the treadmill though.

Fourth, I'm hoping that sitting at the same weight for a while might give my skin some time to catch up.

So, I'll continue to exercise. I'll continue to count. I probably won't post my WI's over the summer (though I might). I'm gonna work on loving me for who I am and having a LOT of fun with my kids.


  1. I think that sounds like a great plan for you! and your reasoning sounds good to me! you better keep posting though, cause you encourage lots of us with your journey...hey and i am interested to hear about how the maintaince/walking this part of the journey works for you.

    You are going to want to maintain for your entire life and you don't want to burn out and put it back on again. good for you for listening to yourself. hey, and have fun with your kids this summer!

  2. good decision my dear. Nothing wrong with maintaining for awhile!

  3. smart outlook-- its not a race... you can and will do it (plus it is better to let the skin catch up :)


  4. I think that sounds like a great idea!! Plus, aren't you actually at the top end of your allowable goal weight range according to WW? My friend is 5'9" and just joined last week and her goal weight is 169 I think... which means that you're so close to being there.
    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that that is a good idea and there is absolutely no shame in it. Now, don't give up - maintenance is hard too... so KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! :o) You've done so so so well this past year.

  5. You explained it very well Amanda. Take some time to just "be". You can pace yourself and still be successful!