Monday, July 21, 2008


I've been back since Saturday. I've been feeling like I'm about 2 steps behind ever since we've arrived home.

I think I've finally caught up on most of the stuff that I've needed to do bills, read blogs, count my points on WW etc. I've managed to keep up my exercising. I haven't missed any appointments (which is good because I've had 2 today). My dishes are all done. But I still have what feels like a million things looming over my head. I'm not sure it's all that bad, but it feels like it. I really should sit down and write myself up a list or 2. That usually makes me feel a little better and under control.

But, in the meantime I will tell you about a new motivation I've found for weight maintenance (or perhaps loss).

My brother's getting married in less than 2 weeks now and one of my missions while we were in the big city was to get the 3 of us that didn't have anything to wear yet clothed. We were indeed successful in that mission, even catching some pretty great summer clearance sales to boot. I found myself a cute little dress (with spaghetti straps...something I NEVER would have considered in my whole life). I tried on a 12 and it was too big. So I tried on a 10 and it was still too big, especially in the chest. So down I went to an 8 (AN EIGHT???) thinking it would definitely be too small in the hips, but it fit so well and looked pretty darn good that I bought it. It was all good until I tried it on again that evening. I guess, after a day of shopping I tend to swell. So, when I tried it on at the end of the day with my new felt a little snug - as did the shoes. Sigh.'s the plan. I've gone back on weight loss for the next however many days it is until the wedding. Just to make sure. I'm thinking just a couple pounds will give me that swelling room that I guess I'm gonna need? Glad I found out sooner than later...but now I'm nervous. I guess that's why I'm finding time to exercise. that I've shared, it's time to get back to trying to be productive.

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  1. You will look beautiful. Stop worrying immediately!

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