Monday, July 28, 2008


My weight is down this week. Down 0.9 lbs to be exact. Not too bad. I think I could have done better, but I'm happy with it. I also got 24 AP's this past week (out of my 25 goal). And now that I'm back into the 160's again (169.3 lbs) my points target is down to 24.

I seem to have some sort of mental thing with passing 170. Seems every time I do, my eating falls apart. I'm hoping this time is different. It's weird.

So my goal this week is to eat responsibly until the wedding this weekend. Do-able...I just need to want to do it in the evenings. That seems to be the key with me. Usually. And you know what I've learned? Dark chocolate is a good craving fix and satisfies me so that I don't want to eat more. Sure, a serving's 4 points, but it seems to be better than eating a 2 point milk chocolate single and then wanting 3 more. Right? And besides, dark chocolate's supposed to be better for you too.


Okay, I'm off to get the kids breakfast. I got up and earned me 4 AP's this morning and then showered. Brian should be home from his last night shift in about an hour. It'll be nice to have him home. We're clearing out the garage (where the treadmill and weights are) which was one big pile of junk. I have 5 garbage bags of clothes, coats and shoes to give to charity plus a large box of household items that we've been holding onto just in case. I want it gone! Plus, a van full of things to fill up our lovely landfill. So after a nap today, he'll be heading to the dump. And we're getting a new garage door today, the catalyst for me doing most of the organizing myself instead of waiting for him to be off because they need 15 feet. I'm so excited to have a bit more of an organized work out room, errr, I mean garage.

What an exciting life.


  1. ugh, my garage needs to be cleaned out! I should get up and go work on it...but then how would I catch up on all the blogs I love to read? :-)

    i think I will wait until it cools off some! We have a heat advisory every day this week. Highs around 101 F, lows in the 80s. ugh...

  2. Congrats on being in the 160's again! Remember when you were just getting into the 190's?? :o) You're doing so so so well. I have the same problem when I drop down into a new "decade" of weight. Just focus on the next goal and forget the 170s. 150's here you come!!!! :o)
    Anyway, just wanted to say you're doing awesome and keep it up.