Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Linky Love

I've been honored with an award by my friend over at Tara's View of the World. It was very sweet of her to think of me and it feels good to know that someone appreciates what I have to say (whether we're college friends or not).

The thing is...we tend to read the same blogs and she's, well, chosen most of the ones I I'm going to graciously accept this award, but don't think I'll pass it on this time. Lazy - I know because I do read some great blogs. But if you don't know her, you should go and read her blog because I think she's really great. And she's got a book blog that I've been avoiding because when I start reading books I become a not so great mommy and don't get any sleep either because I get all engrossed and stuff. But one day I will read for fun day.

On a side note. My husband just texted me to inform me that it's only 99 days until he's off work to go on our big tropical holiday!!! Holy smokes! We're gonna have a double digit party tonight when he gets home from work (and yes, that's mostly sarcastic) but we're still awfully excited.

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  1. don't worry honey, my book blog is really not exciting. I just like getting the free books so I am willing to post their stuff :)

    thanks for all the linky love.

    I'm down 15 pounds now :)Only a zillion more to go!