Friday, July 4, 2008

A Post for Posts Sake

I feel like I should post something. My last post was a wee bit depressing, no? And 3 days ago...which is a little unusual for me. Somehow I've found myself busy. Doing what, I'm not real sure. But too busy for the computer. Or perhaps not really wanting to get onto the computer.

But why wouldn't I want to get onto the computer, you may wonder about this girl who really is addicted to this box of wires and lights. Well, of course it probably has a little something to do with how maintenance is going. It's funny how quickly I've gone into vacation mode just because Will's not in school, since I'm just as busy.

Vacation mode it is! Which means eating like there's no tomorrow and no exercise. It amazes me how easy it is to slip into my old self after a year of change. Huh. Anyways, I'm still trying. I've managed to rack up 9 AP's over the last 2 days. I'm so scared to gain everything I've worked to lose. I MUST keep going. And I am.

And why is it that when there's no good food in the house, I eat more? Finding satiety in food is SO important to staying on track. If I don't enjoy my food, I suppose I keep eating until I do. Or am too stuffed to eat any more.

I went swim suit shopping today. Gack!!! Okay, so I only went to Walmart and I fully realize that they aren't of the best quality...but suffice to say, it was depressing. Every suit I tried on looked great up top and not so great on the bottom (and I think an impartial or even partial observer would agree). So, I ended up getting a skirt suit. It's cute, so I don't feel like a granny...but it just reminded me that I'm not where I wanna be yet.

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  1. Way to go at buying a bathing suit though... I doubt I will get one until im at goal sadly!

    Ps I started c25k today it wasnt too bad so far :)