Friday, August 8, 2008

10 Years

Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary.

So this is what 10 years of marriage feels like.....hmmm.....nope, I don't feel any different.

Though that double digit number does seem really big to me.

It's been 10 years since I said, "I do". And I have to say that were I to know all that I know today, I would have still said, "I do". And gladly. Eagerly even. It's been a really great 10 years.

And if I were to go back and give my younger, 21 year old self some advice there are only 2, no wait, 3 things I would tell me:

First would be that if you eat as much as your 6'4" husband, you will most definitely gain a lot of weight in fast order. Also, that whole grains really are important.

Second, I would tell myself what I would be interested in 10 years from now and for goodness sake, go back to school full time and get that degree.

My third piece of advice would likely be a little shocking to my younger self and would probably go a little something like this:

Older self: When your husband wants to get a tattoo,
you should insist on having artistic input.

Younger self: Brian? A tattoo?

Older self: Yup. 2 even.

Younger self: No way! I don't believe it.

Older self: There are a few things you won't believe
in your future.

Younger self: Like what?

Older self: Not a chance. Seriously though, you may feel like an over controlling wife, but it'll be worth it. Just saying 'no half sleeve' will not quite be enough. You'd be surprised at how much a tattoo can look like a half sleeve without technically being a half sleeve.

Younger self: What's a half sleeve???

Just funnin'.

I love you Brian. I really am glad I married you and I look forward to many more years together on this adventure we call life.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    What a very clever way to talk about your anniversary! I love it!

  2. A Conversation With Myself
    -by Brian Downey

    Older Self: Tell Amanda you want a Tattoo now.

    Younger Self: But I don't want a tattoo...

    Older Self: Just do it. Trust me.

    Younger Self: Who are you anyway?

    Older Self: A thinner, cooler, and way better looking version of you.

    Younger Self: Who's Amanda?

    Older Self: Crap! I went too far back, you haven't even met her yet, have you?

    Younger Self: I guess not.

    Older Self: She's going to be your wife. She's amazing and the best wife you could possibly ask for. Don't screw it up when you meet her. Maybe wait until you've been married a year, and then drop the tattoo bomb on her...

    Younger Self: Ok...ummm...thanks?

    Older Self: No problem.

  3. I love the dialogue regarding the tattoos! Happy anniversary to you both.

  4. oh man, we really should live closer to you guys... don't suppose any churches are hiring in your area? :)

    wow...the things I would tell my younger self... ya, it's probably best that I DIDN'T know what my life would hold!!!