Monday, August 4, 2008

An Eventful Weekend

So, we're back. We got back last night and I've spent a lazy morning with the kids as my husband went to work bright and early to support us so's we can eat and stuff.

It was a busy weekend. Appointments for Finny (to be talked about in a later post), lots of family that I don't get to see enough and a lovely wedding. And now it's done and I have six days to prepare for our last summer trip.

And I don't mind telling you that I'm absolutely exhausted.

My good news is that I fit into my dress...all day and I felt fabulous. My bad news is that I did not get one picture of myself in it. Not one. I know there are a few head shots of myself floating out there in other cameras, but I myself took all of 10 pictures of the entire weekend and most of them are not worth the memory in my computer.

I did manage however to snap some shots of my kids. They're not great shots...but they show how cute they are...or at least their clothes were.

Finleigh, eyes red from crying because she was tired of waiting and it was nap time, but also time to go for the wedding.

Nate - eyes closed and not real into posing.

Willem, the ring bearer walking up the aisle. He did us proud. Much to his mother's relief. He made his daddy cry.

And a quick shot of the happy couple. Have a great honeymoon you guys!


  1. no pictures?????? go put that dress on RIGHT NOW, take a picture and post it!!

  2. Oh your kids are SO CUTE!! That's a beautiful dress for Finleigh and I love her little shoes. :o) AND I agree with Tara - we want dress pictures!!!!!

  3. Yes take pictures of the dress! So glad that the trip went well.