Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Over the worst?

As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend was eventful. We had a lot of things to pack into the weekend and one of those things was a couple appointments for Miss Finny.

I dare say that we may just be over the worst. Though after all the surprise/not so good/scary news we've had in the past 17 or so months since she was born I don't want to get too excited until it's for sure.

Firstly, the ENT (ear, nose, throat doc) that's been following her doesn't want to see her anymore. Which means that she's doing great.

Secondly, the feeding team that's been following her thinks that she may very possibly be off the feeding tube by Thanksgiving. Not American Thanksgiving (which is what I first thought when they said it), but Canadian Thanksgiving (which for my American friends is the 2nd weekend in October). October! Wow. That would really be amazing. I will aim for it, but I won't count on it. She'll still be drinking thickened fluids, but ya know...we may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Which is just as well since she just cut her first 2 molars. Which would explain why I missed most of my brother's reception program trying to calm her down and why my husband (wonderful man that he is) left early with the kids so I could stay for the dance.

My favorite part of the weekend was when poor Finny, short on sleep and obviously feeling off from the hard work of cutting molars threw up all over me during her second appointment. I was so worried we'd brought a stomach bug down to infect everyone, but thankfully a long nap for her made everything better. It was a fun 25 minute drive back to my sister's house...windows open wide.

I hate the smell of throw up.


  1. Eww! That would have made for a VERY long car ride! So glad you survived.

  2. that is all very good news!

    and the throw up...ewww, i am a sympathy chunker so that car ride would have been very hard for me! ewww...

  3. so glad the appointments went well!