Monday, September 1, 2008


Tomorrow. It's tomorrow. School starts tomorrow. Grade ONE starts tomorrow.

Mr. Will is VERY nervous. Anxious. Really, he's dreading it.

I'm sure it'll be ok. We've done everything we can think to make this transition easier for him. He just needs to do it. So that's what we'll do.

I'm a little anxious too, I'll admit. I'm hoping his teacher is as great with him as his kindergarten teacher was last year. And I hope I don't become too overbearing. Or not overbearing enough.

It'll be an adventure for both of us (and Brian too).

Maybe that's why I've been eating like there's no tomorrow.



  1. He'll do great. You'll do great. And I'll pray! Owen has his first day of kindergarten tomorrow and Aiden starts week 2 of grade one. Oh I hope it goes ok... !!

  2. first days are THE WORST for moms!!! The kid has a really rough time for oh, lets say the first hour, and then is in the flow and wondering what all the fuss was about lol!! But the mom, nooooo we gotta stay home and pace and chew and wait!!

    hope it all went fine honey!! my"baby" started grade 8 today. GULP