Monday, October 27, 2008

Is this really such a good idea?

Am I really going to leave my children in less than a week? For 9 days??? What am I thinking? Is it too late to cancel this trip?* To Jamaica? In the hot, beautiful sunshine. With white beaches and calm, blue water. At an all-inclusive resort that does not allow children?

I'm freaking out, my friends. Freaking out.

How am I gonna say good-bye to the 3 little lives that have been my life for the last 6+ years? I was almost asleep last night when my eyes flew wide open as I was thinking about saying good-bye to them.

I'm not worried about them, they'll be in excellent hands. And they'll have tonnes of fun.

And really, I could not be MORE excited to go. Just be a wife. Just be me. Sleep when I want. Eat when I want without feeding another being at the same time. Read when I want. Do nothing. For a whole week.

But, I miss will my kids and the guilt is starting to set in.

Ack! What am I doing?

*Don't worry. I will not cancel this trip. I will go.


  1. Ah motherhood. We have days when we can't wait to escape for a few minutes/hours. We have days when we can barely hold it together. We have days when we wonder why we ever chose to have children in the first place. And yet....we absolutely adore our children anyways.

    Amanda, you NEED this time for just you and Brian. It will strengthen your marriage and make you a better wife and mother because of the rest and relaxation you will get. It will be very hard to leave your kids behind, but think of all the positive aspects of your trip. Hot sun, shopping, good drinks, etc.

  2. Amen Jenn!

    There is NOTHING on earth like being in a tropical location. Nothing.

    But I do feel your pain...

  3. I am so excited for you & Brian to have this trip. Your kids will have a great time & you guys will get some much needed time to relax, rejeuvinate and just be together.

    Enjoy the hot, sandy beaches some for me!

  4. NINE DAYS???? wow.

    what can I say? I couldn't pull it off. No way no how. I am WAY too much of a wuss. I was weeping at day 2 when we left the boys with my mom and I didn't even have Olivia to worry about since she was in utero at the time.


    But you know what? It'll be ok. And you will have a good time. And you will cry and miss your babies sometimes and that is TOTALLY ok.

    But you know what else is ok? To freak out about leaving them. You wouldn't be a normal mom if you didn't.

    I'm proud of you :)

    And I'll be praying!

  5. It will be hard, but just know that you derserve this break. The kids derserve the break too. It will be a time for them to do things that Mom would never allow and have a blast. Oh wait - don't think about that part. They would never do things that Mom doesn't allow.

  6. yep, its all normal.

    When i was a single mom and my DD was 4, i got a winfall of money (ok for a single mom it was a winfall). a few friends convinced me to go on a trip with one g/f and the others would take care of DD. No way no how i thought. She needed me. She could not survive without me. I. Am. Her. Mother.

    then one friend looked at me and quietly asked "don't you miss the other things you are? when you aren't her mother?" I was floored. You mean..i'm something else? other than Her Mother?

    anyways, i had a FAB time (ok there were tears) and she had a FAB time:) I went to the dollar store and wrapped up a little something for her to open each day i was gone. I told her about it and my friend explained each day after dinner "here is your present from mommy..don't forget, on your last one she comes home!!"

    she DID have a bit of a freak out when i got home. I was VERY darkly tanned and she couldn't figure out what was wrong with me lol!!

    long way of will be ok..just try and find a way to enjoy not being a mom for a few days:)


  7. Oh I know it is hard to be away from the kids. But just think of how awesome this trip will be for you two. The kids will have a refreshed mommy when you get back it will all be good.

    You deserve it!!!!!