Monday, October 6, 2008

A kick in the pants

If you're lucky, a few times in a lifetime you'll find a friend who cares enough to keep you accountable - even if it's tough.

This week, I received an email from a friend that I considered a kick in the pants. It was tough and what I needed to hear. I'd like to share with you and excerpt of that email...

WHY ARE YOU SETTLING???!! you should not be happy to not lose those 10 pounds. YOU HAD A GOAL YOU WERE GOING TO REACH FOR YOUR TRIP!!!! you have worked way too hard to just stop now. i agree with the goal of maintaining over the summer and i think you did quite well at it. BUT NOW IT IS LIKE YOU ARE CHANGING YOUR GOALS TO SUIT THE OUTCOMES YOU ARE GETTING. THAT IS NOT FAIR TO ALL THE HARD WORK YOU HAVE ALREADY PUT INTO THIS WEIGHT LOSS.


i know you can still lose some of the weight before you take this trip. i think you owe it to yourself to keep trying. DO NOT GIVE UP. you have already accomplished an
amazing feat. and you are much too close to stop trying now.

It was something I needed to hear, for sure. She was right because I was changing my goals to suit my outcomes. Funny how we can justify things to ourselves like that. I was grateful for the email and I must say that because of that little extra kick...I had a good loss this week and have finally gotten over that 169 pound hump that I've been struggling with since April.

168.4 lbs.

That's just .6 down from 2 weeks ago, but I'm thrilled with it because it represents so much more. I haven't been stuck because I've been sticking to the program and just can't lose. Nope, I've been stuck because I haven't been following the program consistently and have been making some pretty poor nutritional choices.

I just checked my ideal weight range on WW. It says that I should be somewhere between 132 and 164 pounds.

So, apparently I'm just 4.4 lbs overweight now.


I think they must have changed it because I was sure that I should get to 158 for my ideal weight.

I'd still like to see the 150's but I'm thrilled to be so close to a healthier weight!


  1. YAY YAY YAY! You passed 169!!!! Hooray. :o)
    Now... to NEVER see 169 again! You can totally do this. You have 3 more weeks, right? You could totally lose the 4.4 before your trip.
    In fact, I think I should do that with you (oh I hate myself for saying this, but I think I need to). Lets lose 4.4 before October 27th together. I feel that I'm stuck in a rut right now too cuz I'm finally starting to fit into my "thin" clothes again, and I'm settling. And my mind tells me its thanksgiving this weekend, and so I'll gain, and then, Halloween, and so I won't lose, etc. But it doesn't have to be that way! 4.4 pounds in 3 weeks is totally do-able.
    Thanks for this post - it's just what I needed to hear today too.

  2. What a great friend you have who was able to say that stuff to you! You don't have much farther to just need to finish it off well.

  3. yeah! i am so glad that you have a friend that could say that to you. i hope i have a friend like that...or who knows, you might have to be that friend for me on down the road!

    anyway, i am so glad that you had a good week! keep up the great work and you will get there!

  4. It is fantastic that you have a true friend who can give you the kick in the pants that we all need from time to time. Many people mean well when they tell us what we want to hear, but those that can be completely honest and still love us for our faults are the true fiends.

    Congrats on your progress so far and keep up the good work.

  5. What a friend! And she said it in a non-insulting way. Love it!

  6. love the she adopting??

    psst..i bet you can lose the 4.4. before your trip ;)