Saturday, November 22, 2008

And off I go...again

This is my LAST trip of 2008! The last I'm telling you.

Unless we get a call from a specialist in the big city or something, then I guess we'll go.

But really, I'm so done with travelling and I still have about 24 hours of driving ahead of me in the next week. But I know once I get there, I'll be glad I went. And now that the bags are packed and everything is pretty much arranged, I'm getting a bit excited.

But I'll miss my husband. And Willem.

However, I'm thinking the eating thing might be easier this week. But really, who am I fooling? It's my grandma's house...I'm programed to eat there.

Anyways, I'll have no Internet access while I'm gone. So talk to you next weekend, or so.


  1. be safe and have fun and don't forget to make sure those pants still fit!!!

  2. hope everything is going well...just had a good catch up on your's been way too long...sheesh!