Saturday, December 6, 2008


So this is a conversation I had with my husband yesterday:

Brian: How's the point counting going this week? (since he's been
working and we haven't seen each other much).

Me: Really good until last night. I ate a bit too much last

Brian: (poking at my midsection) Well, it's started to

Me: I know...look at this tire. 15 pounds!!!

Brian: Not that I'm one to talk, but...

heh heh. heh.

Conversation with Will this morning after breakfast:

Me: What do you want to do this morning?

Will: Well...I'd really like to go to Mars, but since we don't have a space
shuttle I guess I'll just watch TV.

Conversation with Nate the other day:

Nate: (of his Lego) Mom, I'm building a centrifugal race car!!! It
goes super-duper fast!!!

Me: Centrifugal???

Conversation with Finny:

Finn: (with a hand to her ear as if talking on the phone) Ah-o

Me: Hello

Finn: Ah-o

Me: Hello

Finn: Ah-o

Me: Oh, you're such a good girl.

Finn: Ah-o

The conversations in my life.


  1. Ya, our spaceship is in for repairs too.

    That's all very funny. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I want to go to Mars too! I think my scale would be much kinder to me there!!!!

    Oh and my grandmother calls my tire "the fat roll around your middle"...agh! Why does it have to show up there anyway???

  3. My hubby calls the tire around the middle a "Dunlop" because it has done lopped over my belt. I agree, why does it have to be there. Although I am not sure there is really a good place for it to show up.