Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Neurologist...the result

I haven't weighed in this week. I forgot on Sunday and then we left town. We'll see where I'm at next Monday.

We're back from the last specialist appointment for a while in the big city. The neurologist didn't have much to tell us. First, he wanted Finn checked for the same genetic syndromes as she's already being tested for. That's not overly encouraging since we've now had 3 doctors think these could be an option for her. But really, it just sounds like Finny has some brain damage from her time in my womb being fed from my not so healthy placenta. While her MRI was read as normal, there are parts of her brain that they thought might be a little small. So no lesions, but perhaps not as developed as it could/should be. So officially? She has a global developmental delay. Pretty broad, but really, what we expected.

What does that mean for us? Great question. He didn't give us much in terms of what to look for in the future. He said that she'll continue to develop according to her own curve and that would pose "significant" issues once she starts school. It means more physiotherapy, more occupational therapy, more speech therapy. Basically, keep doing what we're doing.

My gut tells me that she will have a hard time in school, but finish high school and move on to a fairly normal life (please God please!!!). So that's what we'll hope for as we work on not allowing her to be limited or put in a box. I think she's pretty bright and is just having a hard time getting her body to do what it needs to do. Or at least I hope!

Guess time will tell.


  1. Here's to hoping that she'll grow up into a wonderful girl and that all this will be behind you all. Praying for you and Finn!! I know this sounds cliche, but God can do amazing things!!

  2. no doubt about the girl is clever- just look at those eyes!!!

  3. i'm praying too! God has a plan for miss finn and it is a perfect one!

  4. I was praying Monday night and all Tuesday for you guys. Praying for some answers. You know we are just over here across the river if you need anything. I'd love to have Nat(and wil if he doesn't have school) while you take Fin to an appointment. Love yas

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  6. God has amazing things in store for this beautiful little girl!

  7. Finleigh is so beautiful. And she is just her own individual. Like you say, she's still developing and growing now, which will continue in the years to come. She may be behind other kids her age, but that will not even matter as she gets older and into adulthood.
    Trevor had to laugh cuz you said something about not putting her into a box - but she's in a box in the picture! :o) You'll have to work harder at that...
    I hope you have a good day today. I've been thinking about you lots and lots.

  8. i have a story for you.
    while living in b.c. i rented a room from a single mom of 2 kids..One girl, age 6, one boy, age 2. Cassie (the girl) was in a wheelchair, deaf and had ..some sort of "physical disability". I.e. at 6 she was still learning how to get her spoon to her mouth..most times it ended up in her eye. I watched her take her first steps at 7. This single mom was told (at age 17) to put her daughter in a home and just "forget about her" yes, by doctors and specialists. She would never care for herself, communicate etc. Mom told them to go to hell, and went to work on giving Cassie the best life she could have.

    Last year I received an email out of the blue from the single mom ..Cassie is getting married this spring. She sent me a picture of her graduating from college and rock climbing (with special tools but still)..

    Finleigh has the same bright, intelligent eyes as Cassie. And you, my blogging friend, have just as much, if not more, guts and determination as Cassie's mom.

    I have faith she will lead a happy, successful life, thanks to her family!