Monday, March 9, 2009

Do Birthdays and Mondays Mix?

Well, today's my birthday. Another year older. Another year wiser.

As I reflect over this past year, I find myself quite content. Well mostly anyways. Life's not perfect - of course - but I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the cards that I've been dealt and most of the plays I've made with them.

And since it's Monday, I weighed this morning. I stayed about the same. Which is okay with me. We finally got the treadmill cleaned out the and the garage isn't quite so cold these days, so I've been treadmilling it up the last couple days and plan to continue. Should be good. Should help.

While my weight IS up from the fall and I'm feeling, well, FAT. I've looked back at my chart...yes I'm still tracking my weight...and I'm actually about the same weight I was last year at this time. Here's my post from last year. I look the same, 'cept my hair's a bit shorter.

So I can chose to be really down on myself because I've let myself go over the last few months, or I can realize that I've kinda maintained over the last year and I'm still a heck of a lot smaller than I was two years ago.

Now, today, I will enjoy my birthday. Be moderate. And continue to work on this thing called being healthy.


  1. Happy Birthday Amanda!! I stand by what I said a year ago - you're doing awesome and you look fantastic. You're right - you've done very well to maintain that weight. Focus on the positive - you really are doing great - and you look nothing like the Amanda I remember!!
    Have a great day and enjoy a treat or two to celebrate your old age. :o)

  2. Happy Birthday, Amanda! And congratulations on maintaining for a year.

    H =)

  3. NICE!

    Still so very proud of you. You are a great woman and an amazing mom.

    Happy Birthday.

    love you

  4. yeah! what a great perspective!!! happy birthday girl... you still inspire me!