Sunday, March 1, 2009


We had an incident last night involving a closed door, a dark room, a piano corner and 5 hours at the emergency room. Don't worry, we're all okay. Though the space between Nate's eyes is slightly worse for wear.

It all started last night about 5 minutes before it was time for the kids to get ready for bed. Contrary to what Daddy had told them, the door in the basement had been closed and the light turned off. Nate, being the precocious 3 year old that he is, did not slow down for the piano corner that he couldn't see. Next thing we heard was a blood curdling cry. Next thing we saw was blood running down the poor little guy's face. We managed to control the bleeding with only one small drip on the floor and realized that while the cut was small, it was very, very deep and every time he opened his eyes, it spread wide open and allowed blood to gush out. Off to the emergency room he, Big Puppy and my long suffering husband went. There was debate as to whether to stitch or not. In the end it was decided to stitch. One small one in the middle of his face, with no freezing.

When the guys arrived home shortly after midnight, my grown up little son said, "Mom, I was very brave." His voice broke on brave as tears began to well up is his tired eyes.

Yes, my son, you were very brave. And so was Big Puppy, who was also given an admission bracelet at the hospital.

All is well this morning. Mr. Nate is back to his old self; smiling and energetic. I'm just glad that piano didn't land an inch or two over on either side. That could have been really bad.


  1. Oh poor little Nate!!! I can't believe how brave he must have been - getting a stitch with no freezing! Its way too sweet that his puppy got a bracelet too - nice work for the nurses there. :o) I hope Nate feels better soon.

  2. ouch!!! my eyes are watering thinking about it. ouch...

    i am impressed by the bravery!