Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm still here...believe it or not. I haven't been posting much lately for a few reasons. Some are a little personal, others are due to a preoccupation.

What am I preoccupied with, you ask? Well, renovations of course. We are currently in the midst of completely redoing our kitchen. Because it was a terrible mess. A depressing, terrible mess.

Not so bad, right? That's what we thought when we bought the place. At first glance it wasn't so bad. The colors are a little drab, the cabinets are cheap, but not so bad. Until we look closer...

The cabinets are falling apart...

And the laminate is peeling because it wasn't made for kitchens. And don't even get me started on those handles. That is clean, really it is. Yuck.

And trying to organize these 30 year old cupboards was near impossible. The kitchen has been gradually falling apart over the last 3 years that we've lived here. Plus, may I point out, that we haven't had a dishwasher.

So my friends...this is what I did last Monday while I was waiting for my husband to get off work...

And this is how my children felt about it. Poor things...

And this is how it looked the next day after my husband got his hands on it!

It's actually been really cathartic tearing out our ugly kitchen. I liked it. A lot.

Now we're in the process of putting it back together. Thanks to Ikea, we're doing it ourselves. Except for some electrical work and the counter tops, which we don't feel confident to do ourselves.

So think of me as I feed my children yet another meal in our poor living room around the coffee table or take them out to yet another fast food restaurant (wishing that I could instead go to the local stir fry place without the complaining that would accompany it...we will soon though. I want a stir fry!)


  1. oh i am just glad you are posting! i've been missing you. I LOVE ikea...glad you are able to do it yourselves.

  2. Hi Amanda - I'm just glad you are posting too!! We miss you in the bloggy world out here. :o( Hope things start to go better soon for you. Keep posting pics of the kitchen please!

  3. You guys are awesome! I look forward to seeing the pics when its all done. Thinking of you lots.

    love you.

  4. Hi Amanda, Iwas trolling some blogs and came across yours.We have named our blogs the same. Good luck with yours and your kitchen too.

  5. wow- love what your doing to the kitchen, I can realate :) hope your doing well!
    Take Care

  6. oh man! i so wish we had the talent to do something like that ourselves!!

    i cannot wait for the after pics!! your new kitchen will be so inspiring!!