Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scared - A Review

Scared: A Novel on the Edge of the World

Author Tom Davis explores today’s most vital social issues in his new international saga

The United Nations estimates the world orphan population to be over 143 million children. Poverty, war, disease, and AIDS are the primary enemies of children across the globe, leaving those who are robbed of their parents at-risk for criminal behavior, prostitution, drug abuse, alcoholism, and suicide.

In his debut novel, accomplished author and speaker Tom Davis offers readers a sweeping narrative that explores these most critical social concerns. Scared: A Novel on the Edge of the World (June 2009/David C Cook) delves into the lives of a photojournalist struggling to redeem his past and an African orphan fighting for survival.

Once a celebrated and award-winning photojournalist, Stuart Daniels is reeling from debt, a broken marriage, and crippling depression. The source of Stuart’s grief is his most famous photo, a snapshot of brutality in the dangerous Congo. This haunting image indicts him as a passive witness to gross injustice.

Stuart is given one last chance to redeem his career: A make-or-break assignment covering the AIDS crisis in a small African country. It is here that Stuart meets Adanna, a young orphan fighting for her life in a community ravaged by tragedy and disease. But in the face of overwhelming odds, Adanna finds hope in a special dream, where she is visited by an illuminated man and given a precious gift. Now what seemed like a chance encounter will forever change their lives.

What did I think? This was my favorite book to review so far. And it may even be one of the best books I've read in a couple years. Ya, I liked it that much. I even have my husband reading it. I liked how the author told the story from several different perspectives. And I liked the ending in a novel that's realistic. And I liked how a person could be a hero and yet be so completely human.

As some of you know, I've been struggling with feeling positive about life lately. As I look around and see the issues I'm dealing with with my kids and then I see how many of my friends and family are struggling and I feel useless. Then I look around the rest of the world and realize just how good we've got it...which makes me feel even worse. Sometimes I feel as though I can't breathe under the weight of it all. This story, somehow made me feel more hope than I've felt in a while. I guess it helped me look passed myself into bigger things. It was sad and yet hopeful at the same time.

While I was reading this novel, my son was complaining about the food I'd cooked for supper and about having to clean up all his toys. I almost snapped. And I threatened to read him this book. Which I wouldn't because it's a little too heavy for a 6 year old who tends to worry anyways. But I wanted to and wished he could understand just a tiny bit about what a privilege it is to have food on his table consistently and toys to have to clean up.

So, that's what I thought. Would definitely suggest this book to anyone. A fantastic read.

This book was provided to me by David C Cook for an impartial review

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