Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The fun never ends...

It's been an exciting week. The kids all started school...Finn and Nate for the first time ever. Took Finn to the audiologist and found out that she has fluid in her ears. Went to the dentist and I'm the only one with a cavity (my 2nd one ever, I'll have you know). Finn figured out how to get on the counter all by herself. Finn has also become excessively tantrumy. Finn also climbed back into the bathtub fully clothed after she was ready for bed tonight (on her daddy's watch). Oh ya...and I'm the new secretary for the parent council at the kids' school this year. And Will's birthday is Sunday (but that's another post).

I don't have pictures of everything...but I do have some of the little miss...

This is what I found when I entered the kitchen a couple days ago. She pulled the chair over to the counter and climbed on up. Careful Finn, don't touch the thawing chicken on the stove or the sharp knives in the corner. Oh, and be a dear an leave the stove off?

And she did this 3 more times (notice the chicken is now in the microwave thawing)...

before I wised up and tied the chair to the table.

Welcome to our world of late. The classic tantrum shot. This was because I tried to take a picture of her. I'm the meanest mommy ever. I especially love it when I offer her, oh say, a drink or her lunch or I smile at her and then she gives me this face. Love it, I tell you, LOVE IT!

Finn woke up a little 'off' the other day and was so tired we put her back to bed after breakfast. When she's especially not in a good mood, sometimes we don't make her sit in her booster seat. So, we let her sit in her brother's seat. No bib.

Which is an especially good strategy when your child likes to eat their cereal like this.

And then there's the hilarious pictures of the bathtub incident tonight. I think they speak for themselves.

I adore my daughter...but I'm starting to feel a little tired.


  1. oh the joys :) We get the look from Olivia too!

    I never thought to tie the chair to the table!! Will gets his smarts from you :)

  2. lol! james has done the "bathtub incident" TWICE on his daddy's watch. ugh.

    and i have been getting that look lately when i want to take a picture or offer food. agh.