Monday, October 26, 2009


Yes, yes, yes.  I know I need to sleep.

For some, like my husband, sleep comes easy.  He looks at me quizzically when I tell him I can't sleep and says, "Just lie down, close your eyes and wait."

An hour later, I'm still waiting.  Sorry hun, I'm just not that gifted.

My mother also is a gifted faller-asleeper.

So, then I read articles like this, which talks about how lack of sleep can actually affect the quality of weight loss you have, and I sigh.  And think to myself that I must try harder.  But you see, I've been trying harder for 30 odd years, with varied but never lasting results.  I must be missing something.

I almost miss those sleep deprived days when the kids weren't sleeping through the night and I was so tired that when I finally crawled into bed, I immediately fell asleep.  There was no thinking involved.

Now, there's too much thinking involved.  It's gotten bad enough that I start stressing about falling asleep before I even head up to bed.

And now I have a son, who dreads falling asleep like I do.  I can't really help him either...I have nothing to suggest.


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