Saturday, November 21, 2009

And the winner is...

I've been lucky lately in my blog giveaway entries.  I've won quite a few.  I do enjoy winning something that I like.  It's fun.  Here are some of my prizes that I've won...

Quite a while ago I won a buckwheat toddler pillow.  Thanks to True Cuddles and honeydumplings.  Now Finleigh has a pillow.  And I quite like it.  True Cuddles is a great (Canadian but ships to the States) site that offers kids products at discounted prices.  They've had some great deals.

Then, about 3 or 4 months ago, I won something (that I really liked even) from another blog (who's name I won't mention) and haven't gotten it.  And maybe never will.  Oh well, I guess that's how it goes.  I've stopped reading that blog anyways.  Whatever.

I won some fun toys for my boys from Tara's blog. We got a  Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 prize pack which the boys were pretty taken with when they first got it.  Unfortunately their obsession with Star Wars and Lego has relegated the cars to the 'only sometimes' played with category.  But they are pretty cool.  Tara's having a TON of giveaways right now on her blog.  Something for everybody I'd say and I'm hoping to win a couple of them myself.  You should head over there right now and enter.

Then next came probably my favorite prize of all.  Cuz it's pretty and fun and useful and mostly just for me.  Leslie at A Room Somewhere held a contest for a calendar from Say It With Style, a great little Etsy shop.  Which you should check out next week because it's closed right now due to a virus on the owner's computer. Look, isn't it lovely?  Yes, I fuzzed out my last name.  You take a picture frame (which I bought) and put the vinyl from Say it with Style on the back of the glass.  Then you've got a reusable calendar.  Brian just hung it up this morning...I love it.

After I heard from Leslie, I figured that was enough and it would be quiet for awhile.  Then I received an email from my favorite online publicist that I'd won one of her contests.  Gosh, how fun!  I've not received this one yet, but I'm sure I'll see it soon.  Thanks Lisa!

So thanks to everyone who have followed through on their giveaway promises.  I'm very grateful for all my prizes.

* There's a ton of links in this post, even though they don't show up unless you move your mouse over top of them.  I'll have to look into fixing that when I have more time...

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  1. You should contact that site and tell them you haven't gotten your prize yet. For sure.

    I'm glad you are getting lots of prizes! I pretty much have stopped entering things lately... no time... I should start again!