Monday, January 11, 2010


Sleep is a bit of a disaster in our house right now.

Finleigh's now able to get out of her it's time to move on to the toddler bed.  Which is working okay, but she'd rather sleep with her bear.

Nate is actually our best sleeper right now, though he's been waking up a lot around 4 or 5 am with bad dreams.

Then there's our resident insomniac (after me of course).  It's not unusual for him to still be awake at 11pm.  Not that I blame him, my sleeping record's not exactly stellar.

But darn it, I'm kinda tired.


  1. ok that is TOO freaking cute!! love it!!

    though i'm sorry you are so tired honey..i was lucky, my girl slept a lot..

    maybe the skating will help tire him out?


  2. okay Finleigh is sooooo adorable. You have to send this picture to Ben and Gen (if this is the bear they gave her).

    Also I agree with Lisa maybe some skating with tire will out, and the endorphins from exercise will help nat sleeping too.

  3. oh my word, I LOVE the picture of Finleigh with the bear! If you leave her there will she sleep all night?

    I personally think both you and Will and a few of my family members should try melatonin or some kind of natural sleep aid. Lakota sells one that I am going to try out for myself as a review but it is basically just melatonin with added natural pain relief stuff.

    It can't hurt to try anyway.

  4. Hey Amanda, I was going to tell you about Melatonin too! Jordyn started using it a couple of weeks ago and it worked almost instantly. She is asleep within 1/2 an hour of going to bed. She's no longer awake when we go to bed and she's a much happier kid in the morning. I got my bottle from Costco for about $12. She only takes 1/2 a dose and I highly recommend it!

    Also, I love the picture of Finleigh. And Jordyn still sleeps with her stuffies under head like Nate is in his pic!

  5. Becca sleeps on the exact same bear only in pink! I can't convince her to sleep on her pillow cute that they're bear twins :)