Friday, January 15, 2010

Totally back

So, I'm blogging again - incase you hadn't noticed.  Nothing like stating the obvious.

I've missed it and I've had things to say, but when you're not inspired, you're not inspired.  And since life has been keeping me busy, I just let blogging fall by the wayside.  Plus, sometimes you just want to reign everything in and enforce your privacy.  You know?  Cuz I am a relatively private person, really.

But I've found a new inspiration.  My new DSLR camera.  And oh yes, I am in love.

I'm a total poser or photographic wannabe or whatever and really I have no business owning such a lovely (and expensive) piece of equipment, but it's fun.  Look what you can do when you're not even trying...

Okay, I know the light's probably wrong and the composition something or other isn't quite right, but look how clear the breadstick (that I made, by the way) is compared to the background.  Isn't that cool?  And I took that picture.  It was purely accidental, but still.

And what parent could resist showing off their kid's dirty finger nails and marker stained fingers?

Or the snot in their nose?

Or their very over grown hair?

Or their very messy, "this is what happens when I wear a toque" hair.

Wow, am I ever glad I got this awesome camera that shows every single detail.  The memories will be awesome as I remember what an attentive parent I really was.

At least I'm blogging again.  That's something...right?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! You are WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY too hard on yourself! Your kids are SOOO beautiful... and EVERY little boy has dirt under his nails and marker on his hands, and ... WHAT snot in her nose??? And I love Nate's hair... its TRENDY!!!!
    So... STOP IT!!!
    I'll tell you what we all see in those pics:
    1) Nate's cute little fingers, while they're still small, 2) Finleigh's pretty rosy cheeks, 3) Nate's awesome trendy hair, and 4) Fingleigh's HUGE brown eyes!! You're an awesome Mom - I'm pretty sure 'inattentive' is like, the last word that would describe your parenting skills!!!
    Okay, I'm done telling you off now. I know you know your kids are beautiful and we all know it too!
    And... I'm super jealous of your camera! Keep the pictures coming! :o)

  2. My dear several things:
    1)your pictures are wonderful.
    2)composition is up to you, not some rule
    3)lots of great photos are "happy accidents"
    4)Don't feel the need to beat yourself up about having a nice camera - just use it, enjoy it, create with it, use it to get to know people.
    5)I see you bought a Canon (I won't tell you how I know - but I'm a camera geek in the extreme - I still must have my secrets bwahaha)
    6)If you need help, ask.

  3. I'm a wannabe too :)

    I love these pictures and I love you.

    So there.

  4. Welcome back! The pictures of your kids are great!! Love them!!

  5. Welcome back! I love the pics if the kids.