Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Weigh In - 3

It's been a very busy week and an even busier day.  So much I want to do and what seems like so little time to do it in.  And now is the Olympics.  I cannot believe that it's going on right now, as I type and you read, in the very place I lived for 7 or so years.  And go to on vacations all the time.  I even know someone who's at the opening ceremonies tonight.  I wish I was there.  But it was not to be, so here I sit...getting ready to celebrate my daughter's 3rd birthday. Had only a few things gone differently, I might not be celebrating her life, but wondering what might have been.  So that makes this time - while busy - very happy.

A quick note tonight to let you know that by some miracle, I lost weight this week.  187.6 lbs.  I'm happy with that and hope I can maintain that and lose more this week.  We'll see.  There are cookies and cake and yummy food all over the place right now.

And that's all for tonight.  I'm off to decorate the house and get a few nibblies ready for my family tomorrow when they come over for the official birthday party.

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  1. Hey! That's awesome! :o) Way to go. It wasn't some miracle, you are thinking about it and that makes a difference!
    Hope your b-day party weekend went well and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINLEIGH!! :o)