Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Am I that bad?

So, we were chatting with Will's therapist (who by the way, he loves) today after his appointment.  At the end of each appointment, he gets to eat a cookie while she reads him a story.  Today it was Robert Munsch (who is coming to our local library in June!  We SO have to go).  When he came out of the room, he had crumbs all the way down his front.  So, thinking that it would be a good thing for him to not spread those crumbs all over her house (because she practices in her basement), I put my hand at the bottom of his shirt and brushed the crumbs down into my hand.  I probably let out a bit of an exasperated sigh, because seriously, the cleaning up after the kids thing is exasperating after a while and I keep thinking that at the very least my 7 year old should be able to get through a cookie without being covered in crumbs.

To this?  She made a comment that she was going to have to do a messy exercise with him and I.

I was a little bit insulted at her insinuation that I'm too anal and can't handle getting dirty or messy or whatever.  Yes, I like to be neat and clean, but have you seen my house lately???

This is how the boys' room is most of the time (and this is actually kind of neat)...

Do you like all our paint samples?  We NEED to get rid of the red.

Unfinished door frame that's been that way for almost a year.

The messy kitchen.  I looks like that a lot of the time and this is just one angle.

How's about the spilled cereal that stayed like that for a couple hours and the papers falling out of the basket?

I have a tennis ball sized bruise on my arm from tripping over some crap in our garage.  I stubbed my toe in the basement today trying to walk over all the toys that have covered the floor for several weeks.

And please, let's remember THIS from a while ago.

And she thinks I need an exercise in learning how to be messy?

I wonder why I'm so determined to show you that I'm not a neat freak.  What's my issue?  There's gotta be some deeper issues there, I guess -  but I don't need to learn how to be messy.  I'm good enough at that on my own.


  1. Oh THANK YOU for posting pictures of your "messy" house (its not even that bad!!) It helps to feel better about my own mess thats currently all around me. sigh.

  2. Do not let her comment get to you. You are to be commended for all you do. And a messy house? Really? You have got to be kidding. My house looks like that and I don't have kids - just a husband and 3 dogs.

    I think for the paint color, you should let the kids paint their own designs.

  3. oh good grief... *insert eye rolling here*... she just doesn't know what she is talking about.

    I will say thought that my house is about a hundred times worse than yours today... I am completely overwhelmed too so I doubt it will improve all that much before the weekend. I am having a seriously low energy week. Sigh.

    hugs to you :)

  4. Good to hear that other moms have the mess to deal with too! We are finishing up house renos (from 4 years ago...) and toy cleanup is low on the list of priorities.

    We are actually going to see Robert Munsch in June too! Although he is not coming to our local library (really, why would he when it is so pathetic???) but he will be in Saskatoon and we are excited to go see him!

  5. For me it's not realizing the non-verbals things I do sometime. More often than not I do things that reflect on my own disgust with myself, which, with 3 daughters, is not something I want to do. Ugh, hate having stuff pointed out by other people though.