Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Cereal is something to be passionate about in my house.  Me personally?  I could go without cereal for the rest of my life, save for the odd evening snack of sugary goodness that I rarely bring into the house.  But my kids?  That's a whole different story.

Being the main grocery shopper, I don't always buy boxed cereal for the kids.  It's expensive and often full of stuff my kids don't need.  In my opinion, they can eat toast, or oatmeal, or eggs or pancakes, or muffins along with fruit.  I am, however, alone in this sentiment evidenced by what my husband brings home when he goes to the grocery store.  When I do buy cereal, I really do try hard to stay away from the ones that have too much sugar and I hunt for a higher fiber count too.  That backfires for me though and if you saw my pantry right now, you'd understand why.  I have no less than 7 boxes of cereal in there and my children will only eat 2 of them.  My husband eats two other kinds.  That leaves 3 for me to try to finish.  Yes, the one who doesn't particularly like cereal gets stuck with all the other cereals to eat before they go bad when I'd much rather just drink a strawberry smoothie with some protein powder in it.

Today I was reminded that a man's stomach really is the way to his heart.  Or at least a boy's is.  Here is the conversation I had at breakfast this morning with my oldest son:

Will:  Mom, you really are the best mom in the whole entire world.
Me:  Why's that honey?
Will:  Because you buy good cereals for us to eat like Special K Red Berries and Honey Nut Cheerios!


It's hard to argue with that.  Alright.  Cereal it is.

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  1. oh we love cereal in our house... and not the good healthy kinds either. I gave up on those years ago. The healthiest ones we have right now are rice krispies and a honey bunches of oats knock off :)