Monday, April 12, 2010

April showers... err, I mean snowstorms

It's Northern Alberta.  Just because the snow was completely gone, doesn't mean we weren't gonna get more.  But nobody really expected it to snow the equivalent of the entire rest of the winter's snowfall in 2 days.

I went to bed on Thursday night to the sound of rain.  It was weak rain, mind you, but it was rain nonetheless.  After a long winter, this West Coast loving girl craves nothing more (except for maybe chocolate, coffee or wine) than a good heavy rain.  So it made me smile to see the rain, such that it was, to help clean up the winter's dirt.

I woke up on Friday morning to a layer of snow.  My friends, it snowed and it snowed and it snowed.

And it snowed.

I shoveled our tiny little sidewalk/driveway on Friday night and it took me over an hour because the snow was so heavy and wet.  Then on Saturday morning, I shoveled again.  (Oh, I earned so many activity points!)

Here was the result:

I had my tall for his age almost 5 year old stand for scale.

You can see that we had a break in the snow.  But then it started snowing again!

This was our back yard this morning.  Can you believe the amount of snow in April that we got in 48 hours?  It feels like we're in the mountains in December.

That's a whole lotta snow.


  1. WOW! That's a lot of snow! How do you make it? Sorry but it is sunny with the temps near 85 today!

  2. oh that is just wrong!!

    hope it melts quickly!!

  3. Nice to meet you Amanda! Thanks for stopping by my blog Walk A Mile! Your children are beautiful!

  4. Yes you did get more snow then me!! We are now back to rain and that's fine by this Washington State gal!!

  5. And I thought Chicago was bad. You poor thing....I totally feel for you. I think we might be actually be in "spring" mode for good here. Thanks for visiting my blog and party on!

  6. Its hard to believe that just last week the kids were playing outside in that backyard, without coats on even! I guess that's Alberta for ya!

  7. Thank yo for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed yourself. DAM! I thought I was looking at Chicago, now I would expect this there. Where's Alberta anyway? It was 80 today & a gorgeous night. Wanna come over??? Come on I have a pull out couch! ~~hehe~~ Sorry bout all that snow! Sheesh! Nice to meet you too! I'm your latest follower! And I definitely want to read more about your weight loss. I so have to lose weight for my back literally kills me.