Sunday, May 30, 2010

Uninspired Randomness

I'm feeling uninspired to blog lately.  Besides Nate's birthday, that is.  I have all these half finished attempts at entries, but it just takes too much energy and thought to finish them the way I want.  So I say nothing, which is kinda the story of my life.

Today, I won't muse over my thoughts on parenting my children or rant about my frustrations or theorize about my weight loss struggles.  Which is honestly what I'd like to do if my brain was feeling more functional.

I will instead write a few random thoughts that may or may not get their very own entry one day...
  • Eating and exercise have been going good so far this weekend.  I'm feeling really good, but I am so tired of having to put so much mental thought into my health.  I really wish it came more naturally.
  • Finleigh keeps taking off her diaper.  All the time.  I'd be fine with that if she'd just sit on the potty.
  • I think I may be developing really bad posture due to my jogging (I read that that could happen the other day).  Now that I don't avoid the camera so much, I see more pictures of myself and I've noticed a little hunch developing.  So, I'm going to try doing some exercises to strengthen my back so that I can be more upright.  Cuz I'm not giving up running.  Now, I'm trying to run more upright.  I should maybe just get some running lessons or something.  That might help.
  • I want to buy a Nike+ sensor that I can attach to my shoe and will keep track of my distance and stuff whenever I get up the courage to run outside.  But I can't seem to make myself spend the $25 because I hear the battery life is only about a year and that you can't replace the battery, so I'd have to buy a new one.  $25 isn't that much if you do it once per year, but there's a principle here about throwing so much stuff out and the disposability of all our crap.
  • And I have way too much crap.  And my kids have too much crap.  Our house is bursting at the seams with stuff.  It makes me feel greedy and materialistic and closed in.  Clutter stresses me.  But I'm left with not knowing what to do with all that perfectly good stuff.  Anyone want lots of stuff?
As I was about to publish this post, I heard a drizzling sound.  It was the sound of my daughter (who had just AGAIN taken off her diaper) peeing on my treadmill.  MY TREADMILL!!!  I lost it and I think my yelling woke up my husband who's sleeping off his night shift from last night and was supposed to wake up in 10 minutes anyways, but still, not nice.  

Like I said... uninspired randomness.  


  1. Love it! And great picture of you too!

  2. the picture made me smile :)

    and you sound a bit like me these days... except for I highly doubt I will ever say the words "not give up running". Ever. I hate running. Passionately.

    Olivia and potty training might just be the death of me. Maybe she and Finn can train each other at the campground and we can just ignore them.

    Or maybe our husbands can do it... teamwork.

    After all, I trained my sons... he should train our daughter. So there.