Friday, May 14, 2010

Weigh in - Not too cool

Well, I gained this week.  I'm not exactly surprised and I totally deserved to.  I'm still not happy about it though.

My week was really good until Monday.  Then for some reason I lost it and had a couple really bad eating days.

Exercise was good this week.  I jogged 4 days this week.  Walked 1 day.  Didn't exercise 2 days.  That's not too bad, really.  I was feeling really lazy and bad about my exercise, but let's look at this honestly here. That's a fair amount of exercise.  I shouldn't beat myself up about missing a day.  Plus, I know that the only reason I gained this week is that I deliberately ate over my points.

That's all there is to it.

So, a big sigh and moving on.


  1. I guess we gotta take the good with the bad... look at how we could make it better and go from there. Don't focus on the mistakes just learn, forgive yourself and move on. I think after the horrible day I've had I am saying this to myself too! HUGS

  2. Don't give up - you're doing great... and we all have the down days. And way to exercise five times. That's awesome.