Friday, June 25, 2010

All for an extra hour of sleep

The casualties: a 1/2 litre of apple juice (which by some small miracle didn't spill), my container of feta cheese and a bag of chocolate wafer cookies.

The apple juice container was smeared with the remaining feta cheese.  The chocolate wafer chocolate was all over the wall and Finleigh.

And it was all worth it for the extra hour of sleep I managed to get while lying on the couch.

And really, she had a pretty balanced breakfast.  Apple juice: fruit.  Chocolate wafers: grains AND antioxidants.  Feta cheese: dairy and proteins.

Yup.  You can't say anything about Finleigh's self help skills.


  1. yes, exactly what Tara said :)

  2. LMBO!!! That is funny! Thanks needed a laugh!!

  3. Oh, so worth the extra hour of sleep! So what if a little bit of food is spilt - you look fabulous with 60 more minutes of beauty rest!

  4. sleep good. fed kid good. both... golden.

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