Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Apple a Day...

We all know that I like baking.  Or at least, I like the end result of baking.  So of course, it doesn't take much for me to find an excuse to do it.

Since my kids have a lot of peripheral people who work with them at school, I made some thank you cookies for them all instead of buying a gift as an end of the year acknowledgment.

Nothing like eating your thank you.  And you know how they say an apple a day...

Think it counts if it's decorated like an apple?  Probably not given the amount of artery clogging butter in these puppies... err... I mean apples.

Yup, nothing says "thank you" like artery clogging, cholesterol increasing, buttery, flaky, sugary cookies.  "Thank you, we appreciate all you've done.  Here's something that's bound to put you in the grave just a little bit earlier."

But that's not what I really said.  Honest.

(And yes, I blanked out my last name)


* Thanks to my sister, Sharolyn, for taking these great shots for me.  Once she gets her website up and running, I will link it when I post her pictures.  Hint, hint Sharolyn.

(And if you live in the Edmonton area and are looking to get some pictures done for any old occasion, you might wanna check her out.)

** Go here for the recipe for these super tasty cookies.


  1. Those look like the best present for a teacher ever! I love your baking ideas and wish I was one of the kids teachers!

  2. Wow, those cookies are GORGEOUS! And the pictures are awesome too. :) Wish I could have a taste... although considering what my weigh in was today, I'd probably have to pass anyway!

  3. Manda!! These are beautiful and so thoughtful. The teachers/helpers must LOVE them.

  4. Those are AWESOME cookies. I'm sure any teacher would love to get them as a gift.