Saturday, June 19, 2010


For all my belly aching about my kids, I know I'm very blessed.

Being a mom to young kids, it can be difficult at times to enjoy the moment - no matter how many times parents with older children tell you to.  When you have a child that's waking up multiple times at night and leaves a trail of chaos behind her everywhere she walks, a lady can get tired.  One easily gets bogged down in what has to be accomplished and how to get her kids raised up good.  And as grateful as I am about being able to be at home with my kids (really... it's been my dream for as long as I can remember and having been a working mom I know what a lucky girl I am), when you're at home all day long, this is your WHOLE life.  And that can be... hmmm, what's the word?  Discouraging?  Exhausting?  Brain stealing?

There are days when I feel like I've lost my own identity.

But I'm getting off topic here.  I'm not writing this post to talk about how I'm starting to feel the pull to get out of the house and "find myself" again.  Or how badly I want to move into a house and out of this getting-too-small-for-us townhouse.  Or how worried I am about my kids' future.

Today, I'm savouring (yes, savoUring.  Spell check.  I'm allowed to spell things the Canadian way.) the moment.

How can a mom not savour the moment when she when she peeks into her boys' room and sees that her boys fell asleep in the same bed last night?  And are still cuddling in their sleep this morning.

And my girl.  She's maturing every moment.  I can see her emerging.  And even though it makes it difficult to type as she insists on sitting on my lap, her warmth is comforting.  And she loves her mama.  It's rare that a person experiences such unconditional love.  I forget that sometimes.  Yes, her freshly washed hair is already crusty from the snack of dry cereal I gave her this morning before her brothers came down for breakfast.  And yes, we've already had two tantrums this morning.  And yes, she woke me up in the most obnoxious way this morning.  But she's my baby and she's part of me.  And I will miss these moments when she's older.



  1. great pictures!! Your kids are adorable.

  2. Right.
    Thanks for the reminder... its so easy to take those good moments for granted.

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