Sunday, June 13, 2010

Self Worth

My self worth will not be wrapped up in my weight.  5 or 10 or 50 pounds does not define me.

I am a strong woman.  A dependable mom.  A loved wife.  A sister.  A daughter. A friend.  And all of these things, I will be despite my weight.

Yes, I want to lose these 20 or 30 pounds.  Yes, eating well and exercising gives me more energy which makes me feel that I do better.  Yes, I dearly would like to fit into my skinnier clothes.

But, a bad day or week or month of not eating what I should will not dictate my mood.  Nor will it make me feel badly about myself.


I'm a work in progress.  And while I'd like lose more weight, if I don't?  That's okay, because inside I'm always going to be me.


  1. I'm such a geek.

    I full on burst into tears reading this post.

    Good for you. I wanna be like you when I grow up :)

    love you,

  2. This is great to read. So many girls I know only feel successful when they're self hating in some way. This is not weightloss... But something else entirely.

    I have found that when I love myself it is easier for positive things to take place. Maybe it's because when I'm loving myself my life and my heart are more open.

    Good things happen to good people with good attitudes!

  3. You have a great perspective! I am struggling to lose 60lbs. I am not sure I can be satisfied where I am but I love your outlook!

  4. Ah, if we could only convince ourselves of this all the time, eh? Life would be much better. But its a great mantra. I'm looking for something positive to repeat to myself today. I like your attitude.

  5. AMEN!!! I've missed you! We can do this.... and this journey will just continue to make the person on the inside a better one.