Friday, June 11, 2010

Weigh in - Where'd my consistency go?

So, it seems that this time around, my pattern is one good week, one bad week.

I gained this week.  At least I managed to stay in the 180's.

It's very much a mind game.  This week, I had appointments or meetings or got together with friends every morning while the kids were in school.  So, in my head I thought that since I couldn't get my exercise in while the kids were at school (cuz that's my favorite time to do it), I wouldn't get it in seeing as Finn's naps haven't been consistent.  That coupled with missing both weekend days and suddenly my mind decided that I just needed to eat everything in sight.

And I was feeling SO good when I weighed in on Friday.  Thin and good.

Each week that I don't lose, I see my summer wardrobe shrink.  At this rate I'll be stuck wearing the bathing suit that I just bought that I hate.  But, it cost a fortune.  I actually did a double take when the cashier told me the total because after looking at a bunch of suits that were all the same price, I assumed this one would be comparable.  And then?  I bought it anyways despite the ridiculous price because I thought it would be good (and I was also in shock).  But now I hate it and I can't even find the bottoms of the tankini because Finn likes to root around in the drawer I keep it in.  The only redeeming factor is that the top is nice and long and won't show off my midriff.  I will not be buying a new one because when Brian heard the price, he asked me if I was going to be buried in it.  And I agree.  I either need to get this weight off or wear the bright pink monstrosity that's posing as a bathing suit.

I wish I would remember this when I'm stuffing my face.

Pfft.  This is going so differently than it did the first time around and I'm left asking myself, "Where'd my consistency go?"

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