Sunday, July 11, 2010

All grown up... or trying

One of the biggest challenges I'm finding right now with Finleigh is that she thinks she's all grown up.  I know this happens with lots of kids.  I'm pretty sure in my fuzzy memory I remember my boys trying to push their way into independence.  But then, I also remember refusals to dress themselves and wanting mommy to do everything.  So maybe I'm just imagining things.

But right now, my 3 year old in a 2 year old's body wants to be 3.  Or even 4.  Which would explain some of our challenges right now.

For example, she's all but refusing to sit in her booster seat anymore for meals.  She wants to sit right up at the table.  Which is fine when she's willing to sit still, but her attention span doesn't last through a full meal.  Sometimes it doesn't even last through 3 bites of food.  And she's messy, so that doesn't help.  Gosh, I'm going to miss being able to strap her in.

Speaking of messy.  She won't wear her bib anymore.  She may let me put it on, but it doesn't stay on for long.  Extra laundry anyone?

She wants to ride her brothers' bikes.

She wants to help me bake and cook and anything else that could possibly cause injury in the kitchen.

She wants to walk by herself on the road and in the stores.  And no, it doesn't count if she has to hold my hand.

She wants to blow her own bubbles, which usually results in the entire container of bubble liquid all over the ground.

She wants to put the DVD's in the player (which would be great if they didn't go in her mouth first).

She wants to take her own food from the packages or dish herself up at the table.  You can imagine how well that works.

Given how behind she really is, who am I to hold her back?  So I try, within reason to give her what freedom she needs.  Except for when she's endangering herself.

Even if it is extremely and grossly messy.


But, I suppose this is a good sign.  She's maturing.  And if she wants something, she'll work hard to develop the skills to get it.  And don't get me wrong, I DEEPLY want her to do all these things.  Like yesterday.

Now, to convince her to want to talk.  Or use the toilet.  Or sleep during all those ungodly hours that right now she doesn't.


  1. I guess all this means that it is hard to take your eyes off of her - but who has that kind of time with 2 other kids? But she sure looks cute in her dress with her hair all done up. I bet you have only moments to get it to look that way ;)

  2. Wow, I could have sworn you were describing all the things Elan wants to do on her own! We've already had to get rid of the booster seat and the bibs, but that just causes more aggrevation, because she doesn't sit still and her clothes are always needing to be changed too. Grrrrr!!! Independence is a good thing for them, but makes SO much more work!!!

  3. You're a good Mom, Amanda!