Friday, July 2, 2010

Cucumber, meet Finleigh

Please, dear God, make this phase (which should have ended a year and a half ago) end SOON!

My daughter is incredibly busy.  Into everything busy.  I can't sit and do anything busy.  Almost never stops busy.

For example:

Finleigh opens the fridge door, grabs a cucumber, brings it over to me and says, "cu, cu".  Which I assume means "cut".  I think this is strange because she doesn't usually eat cucumber, but who am I to refuse a kid a healthy snack?

So I slice up half the cucumber, put it in a bowl, call the boys over and the kids have a cucumber snack.  Or rather, the boys have a cucumber snack.  Finleigh has lost interest by this point and is off to bigger and better things.  I wrap up the remaining half of the cucumber, put it back in the fridge and head off to do whatever it is that I deem important.

The boys finish their snack and go on their merry way.

Finleigh then reenters the kitchen, pulls out a table knife from the cutlery drawer, retrieves the cucumber from the fridge and goes on to, "cu, cu".

Don't believe me?  I have photographic proof.

And from the other side.

Oh. My. Word.

What on earth is a mama to do?


  1. Oh my goodness! Kids pick up everything. They watch us so closely. Time to put away the knives.

  2. Did I ever tell you about the time Doug and I were watching TV after the boys had gone to bed (Aiden was about 2 I think) and we looked on the toy shelf and found a huge knife on it.

    And we DID put the knives away!! In a cupboard up high with a "child proof" thingy on it.

    Apparently it was not so childproof.

    Aiden had somehow managed to get the knife from it's hiding spot and put it in with his toys. We had no idea how or when he had done it!

    So scary!

    Glad Finn didn't do any damage to anything other than the cucumber :)