Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Treehouse or bust

I woke up this morning to the TV on in my room.  And a little girl trying to kiss my face off.  Pretty sure she wanted me to wake up.

I'm a heavy sleeper.  I missed quite a bit of what my daughter did in my room this morning.  Her backpack, that's all ready and packed with her school supplies for school, had some of it's contents strewn across the floor.  And she'd turned on the TV.

The TV is too high up for her to reach, so she needed to use the remote control, which was on my bedside table.  As the world slowly came into focus this morning, I was surprised.  I wasn't so much surprised that the TV was on, because the power button on that remote is pretty self explanatory.  What I was surprised about was the channel it was on.  I'd gone to sleep with the TV on channel 17 (yes I like to fall asleep to the TV when Brian's working nights and there was a cake decorating show on) and I woke up with the TV on channel 44.

44 is Treehouse.  An all preschool channel.  Now my question is, did she know she was turning the TV onto Treehouse?  Or was 44 just an easy channel to change the TV to?

I don't know.

And what does it say about our parenting if she did it on purpose?  That my child who can't talk, or who falls apart at the smallest misunderstanding knows how to turn the TV onto Treehouse?  And that she knows it's on channel 44?

Why yes.  Yes, we do watch a lot of TV.

(If I didn't know my child better, I might think that excessive TV watching might be why she's not talking yet, but I know it's not.  That I can say for sure.  Had we not a TV, would she be further along?  Perhaps. Or maybe I'd be in a mental institution right now.  It's hard to say.)

Or maybe, her coming into my room, searching out the remote control, turning the TV on and then changing the channel to the default channel in our house was just a fluke.

Right? It could happen.


  1. Wow, what a little Smarty Pants!
    ((and without the tv, I KNOW I'd be in a mental institution...))

  2. She might have pressed the "last channel" button?

  3. without TV you and I would BOTH be in a mental institution my dear :)

    Maybe God put it on the right channel just so you could sleep a little more.

    Anything is possible :)

  4. Is it sad that we have our satellite programmed to turn to Treehouse first thing in the morning so all the girls have to do is turn on the TV?