Thursday, September 2, 2010

First days - In photograph

Hooray!  School has begun.  I used to LOVE the beginning of school when I was a kid.  So far my kids do too.  I'm glad.

Will could be bitter about school, but so far he's not.  And this year, I think his teacher is going to be fantastic, which is a relief.  More on that another day though.  Also?  He seems to have trouble putting up his fingers to signal grade 3.

Nate: Kindergarten.  Finn: EEP (early entry program).

Notice that we didn't pose outside for these two who started 2 days later than their big bro?  Partly because it was 6 C outside.

Partly because... well... someone got really tired of the camera, really quick.  This is the nicest backpack picture I managed to procure.  The rest consist of her rolling around on the floor.

Sigh.  I guess there's always next year.  I did get her smiling once.

And since everyone's first few days of school have gone really well, how can I complain?


  1. Oh, your kids are all so cute!! I was going to comment and say how cute Finleigh was, but then I was looking at Nate and wanted to comment on how cute he was, and then Willem too!! So, I'll just have to say they are ALL so sweet! :) I love first day of school pics.

  2. Wow Manda, I can't believe how grown up the boys look! And Finleigh is of course adorable.


  3. These are great pictures. I love first day of school pictures, with the new clothes, and the hair all fixed, and the excitement shining in their eyes.
    I'm also glad that they all had a wonderful day.

  4. how on earth do you get your kids to look so presentable and wear outfits that match and everything?? I love Finn's outfit but can pretty much guarantee that Olivia would throw a fit if I asked her to put it on.

  5. I totally went... ahhh, ahhhh oh ahhhhh! The kids looked great. So sweet, and Will seriously is looking so grown up!