Monday, September 6, 2010

We should do something about that

It's cool and rainy here.  My kids seem to have a bit of a problem with rain.  It's like they'll melt or something.  I mean, the boys don't even have hair that will frizz up if it gets wet, but heaven forbid they walk outside without their hood on.  And they sure don't like to be cold.

Nate, my northern Canadian boy is so used to summer, such that it was this year, that he's not yet acclimatized to the fall temperatures.  This is proven by the comment he made last night as we were getting into the van as the sky rained down on us:

"Why does God make the world [cold] like this?  We should talk to him about that!"

Which we fully encourage him to do.  But if this is cold, winter is going to be horrible.


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  2. I know how he feels! Summer never really arrived in Calgary and now it's already turning colder. The meteorologists are calling for a long cold winter. Gah!