Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Willipedia - Eight

Somebody had a birthday yesterday.  And now he's 8.  And because no birthday in our house is complete without some elaborate cake...

He's got his birthday routine down so well, that he picked up the cake to pose with it before I'd even asked him to.  He had fun, I think.  We played Scrabble and Wii and ate pancakes and waffles and toast and eggs and bacon.

His teacher sent home a birthday journal for him to write in last night to talk about his birthday.  He wasn't real excited about doing that and this morning when he was sitting down to write, he wondered aloud if this was actually part of the school curriculum.

Guess what?  The birthday journal is still blank.  Sorry teacher, we'll try again tonight.

The funny thing is, I knew he wasn't gonna want to do it.  When I saw the notebook, I thought, oh great... he's getting extra work on his birthday, that should go over well.   Yes, I do know my son well.

And I love him dearly.


  1. Serious awesome. How did you make Phineas and Ferb and Perry? Free hand with fondant?
    Ethan thinks its the best too by the way

  2. Cute cake!
    I'm glad that he didn't do the extra work on his birthday. My son wouldn't like to have extra writing to do on his birthday!

  3. Hooray for Will. Happy Birthday to him.

    I don't blame him about the extra work I wouldn't want to do it either!

  4. Will, your cousins are duly impressed with your cake! And, a little jealous.

  5. "he wondered aloud if this was actually part of the school curriculum" hahahahahah - I love that. :) So smart. And the cake is great! My daughter would have been all over writing a birthday journal "let's talk about ME!!!" but you're right - adding work for a birthday?? What a FUN teacher.

  6. I agree sweet cake!! I LOVE phineas and ferb. Aaaaaageeeennnnnnt PPPPPPPPPP!!!
    Trevor Dunham (just don't remember my sign in)